Sustainability Claims: Has Your Organization Achieved Pay Equity?

Sustainability claims

So-called “greenwashing” class actions are emerging as a big risk for companies making sustainability claims. Most recently, a court in California threw out a claim against e-commerce site Etsy, albeit with leave to amend. Plaintiffs allege the company’s carbon offset promises are false. Allegations including fraud, misrepresentation and deceit are mostly focused on retailers and…

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AI Executive Order Issued by Biden Administration

AI Executive Order

On October 30, 2023, the Biden administration issued its highly anticipated AI Executive Order (EO) on artificial intelligence (AI).  Focused on creating a framework for “responsible AI”, the EO expands on the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. Key elements covered in its scope include safety, privacy, equity and civil rights, healthcare and education,…

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Emery Reddy Files 31 Pay Transparency Lawsuits in Washington

Pay Transparency

Washington employers face a deluge of class actions alleging violations of the state’s Equal Pay and Opportunity Act (EPOA). Law firm Emery Reddy PLLC has filed 31 lawsuits since June, the majority in the last few weeks. Legislation came into force on January 1, 2023.  High profile companies feature among those targeted by plaintiffs. These…

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Class Action Pay Transparency Lawsuits On The Rise

pay transparency

As we predicted, pay transparency has become a priority for employers worldwide in 2023. Governments and organizations are taking major steps to address disparities in pay and ensure workplace fairness.  Failing to comply with legislation can lead to a rise in class action lawsuits, and subsequent financial penalties for employers.  In this article, we highlight…

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EEOC and WHD Alliance Impacts Every Employer

EEOC and WHD Alliance

The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunities Commission) and Department of Labor WHD (Wage and Hour Division) have agreed on a partnership to enforce “workplace justice issues”. Effective September 13, the EEOC and WHD alliance involves greater collaboration on employment-related matters and regulatory enforcement.  Coordination between the two agencies will increase through information sharing, joint investigations, training,…

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Addressing Pay Disparities on Latina Women’s Equal Pay Day

Latina women

October 5 is Latina Women’s Equal Pay Day, the approximate date when Latina women’s earnings catch up to the earnings of white non-Hispanic men from the previous year. It’s a measure designed to bring attention to ongoing pay disparities between, in this case, Latina Women and their white male colleagues. It’s also a measure that…

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Birmingham City Council Faces Bankruptcy in Equal Pay Dispute

Birmingham City Council

The UK’s Birmingham City Council issued two 114 notices in September, effectively declaring itself bankrupt. It now faces a staggering £760 million equal pay bill ($928 million).  Council correspondence suggests the final figure could amount to £1.15 billion ($1.4 billion). And the claim is growing by an estimated £5 million to £14 million ($6-17 million)…

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Opportunity Equity: Prepare for 2024’s Emerging HR Trend

Opportunity equity

While pay equity remains a key HR trend in 2023, another is emerging as we approach 2024; that of opportunity equity.  Opportunity equity is the practice of providing all workers with equal access to opportunities for employment, development, and career advancement. That’s irrespective of gender, race/ethnicity, age, and other personal attributes. It aims to dismantle…

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Pay Equity Reporting: Corporate Sustainability Directive vs IFRS

pay equity reporting

Sustainability reporting is expanding across all industry sectors. Foremost among these is the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which takes effect in 2024. At the same time, the IFRS is also expanding references to standards related to equal pay. What does it mean for global pay equity reporting?  Corporate Sustainability Directive Summary EU sustainability standards…

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