Prevent pay inequity by ensuring fair and competitive pay at the time of hire

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Make fair pay decisions, every time

Salary Range Finder®

Salary Range Finder helps prevent pay inequities from ever occurring in the workplace, period. Give your managers, HR professionals, and recruiters the Salary Range Finder to help them make sound pay decisions.

The Salary Range Finder analyzes employee details against labor market rates and internal ranges, in real-time. When an employee is hired, the Salary Range Finder helps ensure a fair compensation offer is made to help your organization improve its pay equity.

Stay ahead of Pay Equity

Real-time results reduce risk

The Salary Range Finder offers fair pay recommendations to pay decision-makers in seconds. Salary Range Finder is coupled with our DEI and pay equity analytics software solution, PayParity®.

The Salary Range finder requires no additional configuration and pulls the information directly from your pay equity analysis. Powered by industry-leading labor market data from LightcastTM and your internal pay analytics, the real-time results help you ensure all pay decisions are equitable and reduce the need to perform expensive and unplanned pay remediations in the future.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration ensures ease of use

Salary Range Finder integrates seamlessly with your HRIS system1 and annual compensation cycle systems. It leverages data from some of the most reliable market compensation databases in the world to provide you with accurate external benchmark metrics and combines it with wage range data developed directly from a pay equity analysis performed on your compensation data.

Together you can make sure the pay amount you're offering is equitable in relation to other employees within your organization doing comparable work as well as making sure that you're remaining competitive relative to the market rates for the position.

Seamless Integration
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"As someone who believes in fairness and equal opportunities for all, I find pay equity to be a crucial step towards building a society that values and respects everyone's contributions, regardless of their background or identity."

Polin Simontob
Director of Marketing Operations and Events

Proactive pay equity

Salary Range Finder includes:

Pay equity training for your recruiters and managers

External and internal pay benchmarking

Fair pay recommendations that prevent pay inequity creation

HRIS integration

The new way to approach pay equity is to proactively prevent pay inequities from the point of hire. With the Salary Range Finder, you're communicating to your employees, stakeholders, prospects, clients, and the whole world that you're committed to equal pay.

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Equal pay from day one

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