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OpportunityParity™ offers a complete solution for pinpointing and remedying equity concerns in your organization's hiring, promotion, and retention processes. Effectively analyze both the raw gap and unexplained disparities in hiring, promotion, and turnover by considering influential factors and their impact. Drawing from diverse global directives like the OFCCP, EEOC, EU pay transparency directive, and more, it ensures fairness and inclusivity throughout your talent lifecycle, irrespective of geographical boundaries or regulatory frameworks.

Simple Demograhic Visualization

Demographic Visualizations

Gain insights into your workforce demographics through intuitive visualizations

Demographic benchmark

Industry Benchmarks

Compare gender and race demographics within your organization to industry and company size benchmarks

Talent Flow Analytics

Talent Flow Analytics

Monitor changes in hiring, promotion, and retention rates over time to analyze longitudinal trends in talent movement within your organization

Intelligent Workforce Forecasting 3

Intelligent Workforce Forecasting

Predict future workforce trends and demographic shifts to inform strategic planning

Talent Flow Analytics

Talent Flow Driver Analysis

Use regression analysis to identify factors driving differences in hiring, promotion, and retention rates across demographic groups

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Data pulled directly from your HCM source system through certified Workday, UKG, SAP and ADP integrations

Improve Equitable Career Advancement

Build equity into every aspect of your talent management process, from recruitment to retention

Race Ethnicity Chart

Analyze & Improve Opportunity Equity

Identify and address disparities in hiring, promotion, performance assessment, and retention

Achieve Your Workplace Equity Objectives

Use forecasts to help achieve your diversity objectives and accelerate progress with data-driven insights

Gender Representation Chart
Build a Culture of Trust -Opportunity Parity

Build a Culture of Trust & Transparency

Elevate human capital, bolster people sustainability, and fortify social responsibility metrics by fostering an environment of trust and transparency

OpportunityParity is your ally in fostering workplace equity within your organization.

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