Stay on top of global pay transparency requirements

Pay transparency laws are ubiquitous and evolving. Leverage Trusaic's
pay equity software solutions to ensure you are in compliance with pay
disclosure requirements around the globe.

Pay transparency laws continue to expand across the globe. From the EU Pay Transparency Directive to the numerous jurisdictional laws in the United States, the landscape is rapidly evolving and requires acute attention to detail. Allow us to assist you in identifying the applicable jurisdictions and deadlines for your organization, and in creating the customized reporting necessary to ensure compliance.

Global pay data transparency differs by jurisdiction. For example:

  • In the U.S., pay transparency entails providing salary ranges on job postings.
  • In Australia and the UK, pay transparency is reporting gender wage gaps to the Australian government.
  • In the EU, it is calculating the gap and, if it’s over 5%, sharing the reasons why with an employee representative (or employee group).
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U.S. Pay Transparency

Leverage Salary Range Finder® to generate pay ranges and confidently post those to job boards because they are equitable. Our software enables you to layer on labor market data to make the ranges market competitive so you can feel confident in what you're posting publicly. With this data-backed approach, you avoid wage compression issues that can disrupt your organization. Tenured employees seeing public salary ranges that exceed their own, can cause friction and can lead to top-performers leaving your company. Avoid the headache with Trusaic's Salary Range Finder.

EU Pay Transparency

European Union pay transparency requires organizations to report their mean and median pay gaps and to provide remediation plans for pay gaps that are 5% or greater. In addition to PayParity, our Global Pay Data Reporting solution makes addressing pay gaps and producing these reports easy and each report can be customized to your organization.

Australia and UK Pay Transparency

Publicly reporting gender wage gaps is a legal requirement. Utilize PayParity® to do a pay equity analysis ahead of time so you can address any unexplained pay gaps. Large pay gaps will be heavily scrutinized and will require explanation. If you can't explain and defend your pay gaps, you will face legal action and brand erosion. Ensure compliance with Trusaic's pay equity software solution.

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