Ensuring fair pay at hire & promotion with Salary Range Finder

Preventing pay inequity is crucial for maintaining fairness and transparency within your organization. With Trusaic's Salary Range Finder®, you can proactively address pay disparities at the point of hire and promotion, safeguarding your employees' trust and your company's reputation.

Transforming Pay Equity Practices

Historically, companies have been reactive when it comes to pay disparities, waiting until issues arise before taking action. PayParity® with Salary Range Finder changes this approach by providing ongoing pay equity analysis and real-time insights that guide every pay decision. By taking a proactive stance, you can prevent pay inequities from occurring in the first place.

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Key Features for Preventing Pay Inequity

With PayParity, you gain access to a range of features designed to promote fair pay practices:

Proactive Planning

Forecast the impact of pay changes, such as merit adjustments, and make proactive corrections to maintain pay equity.

Equitable Pay

Utilize Trusaic's Salary Range Finder to establish fair and competitive salaries for new hires and promotions, ensuring equity across the board.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify and address the root causes of pay disparities at various levels, whether departmental, policy-related, or managerial.

Ready to ensure fair pay practices at every stage of the employment journey?

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