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Being a truly transparent organization requires effectively communicating pay decisions and data to all stakeholders.

Pay Communication Strategy

Beyond pay gap reporting requirements, your organization should formulate a pay communications strategy based on your unique goals. The first step is identifying what your current pay equity status is by conducting a pay equity analysis. From there, you should define clear and measurable goals for where you want to be. Pay equity communication varies by organization but some common goals include:

  • Build overall brand reputation.
  • Improve investors' perception.
  • Improve employee experience.
  • Improve ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Mitigate risk of high-profile pay equity lawsuits.
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Step 1

Once your unique goals are established, you can identify the key stakeholders your goals align with and begin to craft a unique pay communication strategy for each of them.

This typically includes:

  • Executive leadership
  • Managers and HR business partners
  • Employees
  • The public
Step 2

When you have your goals established, stakeholders identified and communication plan determined, you'll need to then determine the channels in which you'll communicate this information.

A few examples of communication outlets include:

  • Internal communications (meetings, memos, trainings, etc.)
  • External communications (company website, job boards, job interviews, etc.)
  • Marketing communications (speaking engagements, press releases, articles, etc.)
Step 3

Finally, you should determine how you will measure the impact and results of your pay communications plan. Your KPIs should tie back to the goals you outlined from the onset of your pay equity communications strategy.

Some common metrics to track include:

  • Investor relation metrics, ESG ratings, NPS
  • Employer and consumer brand metrics
  • Hiring, engagement, belonging scores, retention, eNPS

This can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake. Don't worry: Trusaic can help you get there. We will be alongside you for the entirety of your pay equity communications journey. Leverage our pay equity software solutions to ensure you're making fair and equitable pay decisions. From there, our dedicated team of experts will assist you in formulating your unique pay communications goals and determine the best path forward for your organization's pay equity plan.

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