Ensure secure pay equity analysis with Trusaic's UKG-certified solution

For UKG clients, a certified, integrated pay equity solution ensures secure and effortless data gathering, consolidation, and quality.


Why Choose a Non-integrated UKG Solution When Pay Equity Data is So Sensitive?

Trusaic's PayParity securely retrieves your data through a UKG certified API integration, saving time, effort, and avoiding security risks for quick access to perform a pay equity analysis.


Are You Setting Up Your Team For Success?

Without a certified UKG integration, your team will struggle with time-consuming manual data tasks, hindering productivity and exposing security risks.

Facilitate Always-On Real-Time Analysis

Trusaic's UKG-certified solution enables real-time analysis, allowing you to address pay equity efficiently.

Expert Guidance and Support

Get tailored guidance and support for UKG users, ensuring a smooth solution for your organization's unique needs.

Ready to Achieve Workplace Equity with UKG and Trusaic?

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