Leaders and Laggards of NYC’s Pay Transparency Law

NYC Pay transparency

New York City’s highly anticipated pay transparency law took effect on November 1, 2022. The new law is intended to help reduce gender and racial pay discrimination. At a high level, it requires employers to share minimum and maximum salary or hourly wage for new positions, promotions, and transfers. So, how’s it going now that…

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New York City Pay Transparency Law Takes Effect Nov. 1

New York City pay transparency law

New York City’s trending pay transparency law is finally set to take effect on November 1. The law requires employers to share salary ranges for new positions, promotions, and transfers in an effort to help reduce gender and racial pay discrimination.  Below we go into the details of the new law, explain its history, and…

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New York Pay Transparency Law Delayed to November

New York Pay Transparency

Last January, New York City (NYC) joined in the growing pay transparency movement with the passage of a law requiring employers to include wage disclosures in job listings. Specifically, employers with four or more employees must post a minimum and maximum pay range when advertising a job, promotion, or transfer. Following an amendment signed into…

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