As the fall season approaches, HR leaders are gearing up for the crucial task of open enrollment. This annual period is a pivotal time for organizations to offer employees the opportunity to review and make changes to their benefit plans. However, the process requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a seamless experience for both HR teams and employees.

Below, 19 Forbes Human Resources Council members delve into key considerations that fellow HR leaders need to bear in mind as they prepare for the fall open enrollment, enabling them to create a successful and beneficial experience for all stakeholders involved.

1. Increasing Access And Automation

Access and automation are keys to a successful open enrollment. Implementing a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use HR software puts control into the employees’ hands with 24/7 access to benefit information. By automating these processes, everyone benefits. Employees get to securely enroll in benefits with an app, and HR teams get more time to focus on strategies driving the business. – Jennifer KraszewskiPaycom