Solving your most complex challenges across people, data, and compliance

Solving your most complex challenges across people, data, and compliance

Comprehensive solutions to maximize
compliance and minimize risk

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How we’re different

At Trusaic, we believe that regulations can be an opportunity. An opportunity to demonstrate transparency and integrity to your employees and prospects, to cultivate a more fair environment and an opportunity to create a stronger enterprise.

We help clients uncover these opportunities through the combined power of our expertise and technology.

Our ultimate goal? To help build better workplaces, so you can build a better business.

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Slide Data expertise We specialize in data wrangling and prepping from across diverse platforms, including both structured and unstructured data to ensure your HR data is complete and accurate. Slide Regulatory expertise We offer unparalleled expertise in regulations at both federal and state levels. Our regulatory expertise is so outstanding that our clients have never lost an audit based on our analytics. Slide Analytic expertise Our advanced analytics software is supported by a team of dedicated data specialists that interpret the data into actionable strategies for success.
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We couldn’t be more pleased with the guidance and support we receive from Trusaic”

Lisa Shoemaker

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“The reports we receive have been excellent”

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"We highly recommend their services"

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