Optimize pay disparity remediation efforts with software


PayParity® with R.O.S.A. helps you optimize your pay equity remediation efforts.

Trusaic's market leading data science team developed R.O.S.A. (Remediation Optimization Spend Analysis) to help you:  

  • Remediate pay disparities with enhanced precision; and 
  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on the ROI of each dollar spent. 

While other pay equity software solutions are limited and can only perform a single run of a statistical model to identify remediation opportunities, R.O.S.A. is able to perform dozens (or even hundreds) of remediation simulation runs iteratively to identify the pay adjustments that will most cost effectively address a pay disparity. 

This provides you with analytical confidence as well as saving you time.

Working in concert with PayParity's intersectional pay equity audit, R.O.S.A. enables you to maximize the ROI of your compensation remediation efforts and ensure that your financial capital is allocated as efficiently as possible. 

R.O.S.A. provides you with clarity and confidence that your remediation budget is distributed to the groups and individuals where it will have the greatest impact toward achieving authentic pay equity. 

Learn more about how to effectively integrate R.O.S.A. into your pay equity analysis and experience the difference today.