Gain confidence in your decisions with data you can trust

Higher quality data leads to higher
quality decisions

Gain confidence in your decisions with data you can trust

Higher quality data leads to higher quality decisions

Is dirty data clouding your decision making?

Every day business leaders make countless decisions based on data. Yet 1 in 3 senior executives readily admit that they don’t trust their data, and - a full 92% are concerned about the negative impact of data and analytics on the corporation's reputation. 

The reality is that dirty data is every organization's dirty little secret. No matter how many analytics tools your organization has, the results are only as good as the data powering it - data that is often littered with missing or inaccurate information. Human input often results in human errors…which can lead to widespread and costly data issues.

Data Quality issues will contribute to $228 Billion in penalties between 2017-2026

Dirty data is particularly dangerous when it comes to managing HR, as it can be a significant barrier to closing pay gaps, complying with the Affordable Care Act, and creating a more diverse workplace. Decisions made based on inaccurate analytics create risk of penalties, lost revenue and creating inequities in your workforce.  

Trusaic’s Workforce Analytics Machine® (WAM) analyzes and cleans HR data using machine learning and artificial intelligence, supported by our patented technology. Workforce Analytics Machine is powered by our 25 years of regulatory compliance experience, an intense focus on identifying those issues we know drive penalties and risk. Other solutions can “manage” compliance, but without clean, consolidated data, they can never eliminate risk in the way that we do.

Cleaner data for clearer decisions

We help mid-market and enterprise organizations clean their dirty data to reduce penalty risk, maximize business opportunities, and ensure accurate decision making. We also partner with top HR platforms to help their clients get better analytics from their systems. 

We consolidate, clean, and analyze data across all of your systems - including HR, payroll, benefits, time and attendance, and more. No matter how complex your systems are, we’re able to clean your data in a way that is simple and seamless, without moving your data or creating a complex extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) process. Our solution works with all HR systems and addresses all types of data quality issues- including completeness, validity, anomalies, and inconsistency across sources.

Together, we’re transforming an industry and making it easy for companies to achieve their goals for creating a better workforce.

Scalable solutions for HR data quality

Our solutions for mid-market, enterprise, and HR platforms include:

Data extraction and unification

Cleansing and completeness

Validity testing

Analysis for consistency across silos/fields

Error and anomaly detection

Data quality reports and recommendations

Source system remediations

Automated monthly refresh

Mobile Robert Quote HR Data

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