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At Trusaic, we understand that data is more than just the sum of its parts. Complex data requires a comprehensive approach, including both state-of-the-art analytics and human expertise, so companies not only have clean, accurate data, but clear, actionable strategies for how to use it.


Combining cutting-edge technology with regulatory insight, Trusaic offers custom data solutions to help companies reduce risk, avoid penalties, and maximize profitability. 

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The Cost of Dirty Data

According to Harvard Business Review, only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards. Fewer than 50% of employers are confident in the integrity of their workforce data, and over 90% of executives admit that their revenue is negatively impacted by inaccurate data


Here are just a few of the challenges employers face:


  • Data is often stored over multiple platforms, leading to a lack of standardization and cross-platform compatibility issues.
  • Regulatory data depends on a combination of structured and unstructured data, including variable, subjective, and incomplete information.
  • Storage in data lakes vs. data warehouses means that data is often unorganized and undirected.
  • Many companies have missing data, and discrepancies are often ignored rather than resolved.
  • In addition to the financial costs of penalties, dirty data can be extremely costly in terms of time.


The challenges of data wrangling and prepping – especially in the context of regulatory compliance – impact businesses of all sizes. According to the National Small Business Association, over 75% of small firms report that federal tax code regulations are somewhat or very burdensome, and 65% of employers admit to be overburdened by ACA compliance regulations. 


Beyond wasted time and resources, companies who attempt to go it alone spend an average of $83,019 in first-year compliance costs, not factoring the significant penalties that can be assessed for failure to comply.


For employers struggling with inaccurate data, Trusaic is here to help.

A Better Way to Deal with Data

For employers, the benefits of clean, accurate data are significant: 


  • Greater profitability, with strategies based on complete, reliable data and avoidance of costly errors
  • Reduced risk of regulatory penalties, including ACA compliance and pay equity reporting
  • Better use of resources, including internal expenditures, marketing spending, and partial data solutions
  • Optimized workforce, with greater productivity and less employee time waste
  • Improved reputation among clients, employees, and investors


Through advanced data wrangling and prepping, combined with regulatory expertise, Trusaic has saved clients over $500 million to date.


Here’s how it’s done: 


            Compilation of workforce data from multiple platforms

            Curation of both structured and unstructured data

            Cleaning of data to resolve variable, subjective, inaccurate, and incomplete information

            Consolidation of clean, accurate data to support actionable strategies  


Our proprietary Workforce Analytics MachineSM (WAM) not only ensures that clients have access to clean, accurate, and high-quality data, but also provides the groundwork for a higher quality workplace and a greater measure of success.


At the core of our strategy is the Triangle of TrustSM. As the foundation on which our Workforce Analytic MachineSM has been built, the Triangle of TrustSM emphasizes three key pillars: Data, Analytics, and Regulatory Expertise. By combining these elements, we offer comprehensive solutions that clients can trust.

Data Expertise

We specialize in data wrangling and prepping from various sources and across diverse platforms, including both structured and unstructured data. Types of data include HR, payroll, benefits, time and attendance, employee characteristics, job performance, diversity and inclusion data, and more.

Regulatory Expertise

To ensure 100% regulatory compliance, we offer unparalleled expertise in regulations at both federal and state levels. Our regulatory expertise is so outstanding that we’ve never lost an audit.

Analytic Expertise

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art analytic software is supported by a team of experts, analysts, and dedicated data specialists. We not only ensure the quality and veracity of data, but interpret and translate the data into sustainable solutions and actionable strategies for success.


Empower your business with clean, accurate data.


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