Today, our Chief Equality Officer, Megan Rapinoe, will receive the highest civilian award from President Biden – the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This monumental moment for Megan speaks to the tireless efforts she has fought for in the name of pay equity, the LGBTQIA+ community, and gender/racial civil rights. 

On behalf of Trusaic, I am honored to be working with such a genuinely kind and determined person. Please join me in congratulating her on receiving this incredible achievement.

What is the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

First awarded in 1963 by John F. Kennedy, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is awarded to individuals who make significant contributions to the values, principles, and prosperities of the U.S. These individuals are leading examples of the stances and activism they embody. 

This year, the award will be given to Megan and 16 other recipients, including Simon Biles, Steve Jobs, and John McCain. 

Why was Megan chosen?

Megan recently led the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) to a historic agreement with the U.S. Soccer Federation, ensuring equal compensation structures for both men and women soccer players. 

In addition, she has been a long-time supporter of gender, racial, and LGBTQIA+ rights. She has made her voice heard far and wide, and will not stop until we’ve reached complete equality. Being selected to receive this award speaks volumes about Megan as an individual and the contributions she’s made for the greater good of our country.

Megan’s influence and passion for pay equity and gender/racial rights have been significant – and she is just getting started. 

Trusaic’s Chief Equality Officer 

Megan is Chief Equality Officer at Trusaic and the first member of the revolutionary E-suite. The E-suite symbolizes the importance of having a leadership commitment to equity, equality, and equal pay. As Chief Equality Officer, Megan broadcasts our important mission to the world at large. That mission is to achieve pay equity.

Earlier this year Megan had great success in ensuring equal pay for equal work for the USWNT. Now, she is fighting to achieve equal pay for every working person and to close the pay gap this decade. That’s where we come in. Trusaic provides Megan with a platform for reaching organizations beyond the realm of sports and helping them achieve pay equity. 

At Trusaic, our success is about treating people the way they want to be treated and being part of something greater than ourselves. Humanity’s freedom is within equality. This is why our partnership with Megan is so critical and needed at this time. Together, we are closing the pay gap for all working people.

To learn more about our partnership with Megan, head to our partnership page below:

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