Collaboration speeds integration process, enables efficient tracking of DEI goals in real-time

PayParity from Trusaic, a leading HR and compliance technology company specializing in advanced pay equity analytics, is now available on the UKG Marketplace. PayParity helps organizations create a more equitable workforce through powerful data analytics. PayParity analyzes total compensation, enabling organizations to address pay disparities at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability, and more. The all-in-one solution reduces organizational risk and creates a proactive approach for achieving critical DEI goals.

Trusaic’s strategic partnership with UKG enables delivery of the comprehensive pay equity, diversity and inclusion platform to organizations utilizing UKG Pro. UKG Pro is a powerful global HCM solution for large and medium-sized enterprises to manage every aspect of the employee life-work journey, from recruiting, payroll, and talent management, to AI-powered sentiment analysis, HR service delivery, and industry-leading workforce management.

With this technology collaboration, organizations that already use both Trusaic and UKG Pro can experience a fast integration process with same-day setup and quicker, more accurate, ongoing data retrieval. This helps organizations track progress towards DEI goals in real-time and with greater efficiency.

With Trusaic’s PayParity solution, organizations receive:

  • Pay equity analytics for compensation auditing
  • Equal Pay Estimator, which helps prevent pay inequities from occurring in the first place
  • Powerful DEI tracking to routinely measure goal performance
  • Assistance with U.S. and international government filings
  • Designated DEI expert partner to support organizations in understanding their results
  • Assistance in developing remediation strategies and communications to key stakeholders

Employees, potential employees, and investors are increasingly evaluating companies based on their commitment to DEI initiatives, like pay equity. Companies that lag behind their competitors in establishing equal pay may find it challenging to attract and keep top talent, notes Robert Sheen, CEO, Trusaic.

“Now that the integration of PayParity and UKG Pro is live, we look forward to introducing the platform’s many benefits to UKG customers seeking solutions to create fairer, more inclusive workplaces,” says Robert Sheen, CEO of Trusaic.

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About Trusaic
Trusaic is a leading HR and compliance technology company that focuses on advancing social good in the workplace and solving HR’s most complex challenges across people, data, and analytics. Our mission is to create a better working world. We do that by helping organizations achieve pay equity, foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce, assist economically disadvantaged individuals with finding work, and ensure employee access to affordable healthcare.