The Fast Company Impact Council is a collective of the most innovative leaders in business. Members meet several times a year for invitation-only events, roundtable discussions, and virtual sessions on some of the most promising opportunities and most pressing challenges of our time. These gatherings focus on the role companies and council members can play in shaping the future. Fast Company amplifies members’ impact by publishing their thought-leadership and tapping their expertise to inform the publication’s coverage of innovation across the business world.

Sheen, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, founded First Capitol Consulting, Inc. in 1999, serving over 5,000 global, national, and regional companies. In 2003, he founded, organized, and chartered US Metro Bank with an initial $19.6 million capital raise. US Metro Bank is currently valued at over $1 billion. In 2006, Robert developed TaxAdvantage® in partnership with Intuit, providing tax-centric data solutions for Intuit Employee Management Service’s 1.4 million customers. In 2019, First Capitol Consulting became Trusaic. Today, Trusaic’s innovative HR solutions include its workplace equity suite: PayParity®, OpportunityParity™, Salary Range Finder®, and Global Pay Data Reporting™; ACA Complete®; and TaxAdvantage®.

Sheen served on the boards of MTV’s “Rock the Vote,” University of Southern California Pacific Asia Museum, Asian American Justice Center, and the Korean American Democratic Committee. He is a former President of the Korean American Bar Association. Robert was honored in the “Men of L.A.” by The Women’s Foundation. Sheen also served on’s The Future of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board and Real Leaders Impact Collaborative. 

“The Impact Council represents the ideal version of Fast Company’s readers,” says editor-in-chief Brendan Vaughan. “These are some of the more creative, mission-driven people in business, with some of the most original ideas about how to solve big problems and build the future. It is our great pleasure and privilege to bring this community together.” 

Fast Company hosted its third annual meeting of the Impact Council on June 3 in New York City. The event featured a morning and afternoon of inspiring content, followed by a cocktail reception. The annual meeting convened members of the Impact Council to share knowledge and discuss this year’s theme,“The intersection of AI and Social Impact.” Sheen was a participant on the “AI and Work” speaking panel, addressing the three pillars of bias, privacy, and government regulations.