In Comments Submitted to the EEOC, the Software Company Contends that the Reporting Process Can Be Streamlined and Still Provide Both Demographic and Pay Data Information


Los Angeles, Calif., November 20, 2019 Trusaic has filed comments with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recommending that the EEO-1 Component 2 pay reporting requirement be maintained for the next three years, and suggests that the Component 1 filing can be phased out because the agency can derive that same information from the Component 2 filing.

For 2017 and 2018, both Component 1, which focuses on demographic data, and the new Component 2, which focuses on pay and hours-worked data, must be submitted by employers, including federal contractors, with 100 or more employees. Federal contractors with between 50 to 99 employees only are required to submit Component 1 data.

Mark Dwyer, PhD., Vice President of Data Science, who submitted the comments on behalf of Trusaic, says adding the smaller federal contractors to complete Component 2 data could streamline the EEO-1 reporting process. “A modest extension of Component 2 to include the same smaller, federal contractors who must only respond to Component 1 would render Component 1 redundant,” says Dwyer. “This substitution preserves the continuity of the Component 1 collection, and continues to provide the Commission with valuable compensation data relevant to its mission to identify and address pay discrimination, while also reducing the annual burden on filers.”

Trusaic also challenged the EEOC’s revision of the burden responding to the EEO-1 Survey placed on employers. Dwyer showed that a math error may account for the EEOC’s vastly overstated hours and cost estimates.

Trusaic’s comments were submitted as part of the EEOC’s request for public comment.

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