Conducting a pay equity audit is one thing, communicating the findings, progress, and achievements associated with the audit is another.

In fact, the steps you take following the initial pay equity audit and any subsequent remediation are arguably just as important as the audit itself. It’s a complicated area that many organizations are exploring for the first time and during the greatest DEI and pay equity-focused era ever.

To help employers, in-house legal counsel, HR professionals, CEOs, and everyone else involved in the pay equity process, we created the Pay Equity Communications Planner.

This all-new guide provides specific steps for communicating pay equity progress to different audiences, as well as channels for sharing key pay equity details, how to prepare for crisis situations, potential scheduling options, and legal considerations. 

The Pay Equity Communications Planner includes insights on:

  • Developing a plan to discuss pay equity with various audiences, including shareholders, the C-suite, and workers.
  • Establishing different communication platforms and channels.
  • Scheduling communications for regularly planned messaging.
  • Preparing for crisis communications in the event your organization finds itself in a difficult situation regarding pay equity.
  • Taking ownership, practicing shared accountability, and tying pay equity progress to leader compensation.
  • Executing your plan.

In addition, the planner provides examples of organizations demonstrating effective and thoughtful communications to various stakeholders.

Equipped with a template to help you along, the Pay Equity Communications Planner is your trusted resource for proving your efforts to the world at large. If you’re committed to making progress on pay equity this year, this guide is for you. You can download it below:

Download: Pay Equity Communications Planner