California Pay Data Reporting Most Commonly Asked Questions

California Pay Data FAQs

On September 30, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 973 (“SB 973”) into law. SB 973 authorizes California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to enforce the annual reporting of pay and hours worked data for employers with California employees. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions regarding California’s new…

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An Employer’s Guide to Navigating the DEI&A Landscape

Navigating the DEI&A Landscape

With the landscape around diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEI&A) continuing to evolve, employers need to be aware of what their responsibilities are for ensuring a safe, discrimination-free work environment for their staff. Before diving into the different nuances regarding the growing legislation driving employers to foster equitable work environments, it would be best to…

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DEI & Your Investments: Biden Takes Action on Day One

DEI & Your Investments

3 minute read On day one of the new Biden-Harris Administration, among a flurry of executive orders, President Biden ordered the review of a controversial Department of Labor rule heldover from the previous administration. The “Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments” rule (the ESG rule) repudiates a current investment trend known as ESG: environment, social,…

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DFEH Adds New Guidance for SB 973 Reporting Due on March 31

CA SB 973 Reporting.

3 minute read California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) recently released additional FAQs to assist employers in submitting pay data reporting under SB 973 to the DFEH. Under SB 973, beginning this year, private employers with at least 100 employees and required to file an annual Employer Information Report (EEO-1) are required to…

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2021 Pay Data Reporting & Enforcement of the CA Equal Pay Act

CA Equal Pay Act

4 minute read With new pay data reporting legislation underway––and the first annual reporting deadline in March 2021 fast approaching––it’s important to take a look at what SB 973 (California’s Pay Data Reporting) means for employers, not only in terms of reporting but enforcement.  According to the law, SB 973 authorizes the Department of Fair…

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Outlook: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access (DEI&A) in 2021

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

3 minute read  2020 brought coast-to-coast changes to compliance obligations in the areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access (DEI&A). California enacted a new law requiring certain organizations to submit annual reports on compensation, hours worked, and employee demographics.  In Colorado, employers geared up for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which provides a…

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Improving American Jobs Will Lead to Equality, HBR Study Finds

Equality - Trusaic

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review highlights the economic hardships that workers of color face, and how employers play a part in changing these long-standing issues. In the study, titled “Equality in the U.S. Starts with Better Jobs,” author Zeynep Ton dives into the racial and economical disadvantages Americans of color and gender…

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Pay Equity Continues to Take Shape in Ontario, Canada

While Ontario, Canada’s Pay Equity Act (PEA) has been in effect since 1988, employers are not entirely sure of their responsibilities. Due to legislative changes however, that is likely to change. But first, Ontario’s PEA applies to all employers in the public sector and employers in the private sector who employ at least 10 employees.…

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