New Humanefits Platform Helps Identify Healthcare Cost Reductions and Generates Tax Savings for Companies Hiring Veterans, Disadvantaged Individuals


Los Angeles, Calif., June 14, 2017 – First Capitol Consulting, Inc. (FCCI) has launched a new HR technology platform that makes it easier for businesses to use their human resource data to identify ways to reduce healthcare costs and obtain tax savings to improve cash flow and generate capital.

FCCI’s cloud-based Humanefits platform enhances hiring processes and employee access to streamlined services and benefits information. It tracks employee hours, days worked, and offers of benefits to employees. It stores records of health insurance plans and applications, as well as sets up company job boards, recruits new candidates, and keeps complete files of letters, resumes and applications. It helps employees easily access E-Verify and I-9 information to confirm eligibility to work in the U.S.

Unlike standard HR information systems, Humanefits is powered by FCCI’s proprietary Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine (WISE). This software mines the HR data collected by the Humanefits platform to help organizations identify ways to reduce costs and save money.

“Organizations with a significant mix of full-time and part-time workers will receive the most benefit from Humanefits because of how easily it can track payroll and attendance information for workers, and consolidate and analyze this data to quickly identify opportunities to capture federal tax credits and ways to reduce heathcare costs,” said Robert Sheen, FCCI’s founder, president and CEO. “Humanefits will save these companies time, money and lots of headaches.”

Humanefits uses the data analyzed by WISE for a myriad of activities. It helps companies obtain federal tax credits, providing the opportunity to generate thousands of dollars in tax savings through federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits and Empowerment Zone Tax Credits. It mines data to help organizations and their employees reduce health care premiums by identifying the best health coverage options for employees. In many cases, Humanefits can reduce the number of benefit eligible employees and improve carrier participation requirements to further drive down the rising cost of healthcare for both employers and employees.

A team of FCCI HR, tax and regulatory compliance specialists monitor all activities undertaken by Humanefits to ensure companies achieve the most out of Humanefits unique capabilities to gather, consolidate, clean and analyze data from disparate data bases.

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