Act Now to Meet SB 1162 Pay Data Reporting Requirements

SB 1162

The clock is ticking. For employers doing business in California (which encompasses a significant number of employers around the country), the deadline for submitting SB 1162’s required pay data report including annual mean and median pay data is looming—Wednesday, May 10, 2023.  However, the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) has proposed a two-month extension for…

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California SB 1162: Frequently Asked Questions

California SB 1162

Every so often, a “tsunami” law comes crashing in. SB 1162, the new California pay transparency law, is sweeping in with substantial changes to the employment landscape. So significant, that employers who have just one employee need to comply with at least part of the new requirements. Poised to pinpoint patterns of wage discrimination, California…

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How Social Movements Impact DEI in the Workplace

Social Movements Impact DEI

2 minute read  Over the past several years, social movements aimed at equality have had a dramatic impact on the national conversation, at times extending to the influence of corporate practices. In the past, discussions of topics such as equal pay and racial equality in the workplace have often been perceived as taboo. However, factors…

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