Goldman Sachs, the NFL and the Gender Pay Gap

pay discrimination

Two major organizations, the NFL and investment bank Goldman Sachs, are facing fallout amid accusations of workplace discrimination and the gender pay gap.  Goldman Sachs settlement Following a gender discrimination class action lawsuit which began in 2010, investment bank Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $215 million in settlement. The case, involving 2,800 female associates and…

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National Strategy to Achieve Gender and Racial Equity Released

Gender and Racial Equity

Late last month, the first-ever national strategy for achieving gender and racial equity was published. The strategy is part of the Biden administration’s Executive Order 14020, first enacted on International Women’s Day in March of this year. The order created the first-ever White House Gender Policy Council and tasked the group with developing a national…

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Three Essential Pay Equity Practices, According to Iceland

Iceland Equal Pay

3 minute read In the U.S., comprehensive pay equity legislation is long overdue. This congressional inaction  means that U.S.-based companies must look overseas to gauge how foreign markets and governments are responding to the growing international movement for gender equality in the workplace. According to a new article in the Harvard Business Review, Iceland has…

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Under COVID-19, Progress Toward Gender Equality in the Workplace is at Risk

New data suggest that the economic downturn associated with COVID-19 has disproportionately affected women. A pair of articles in the Economist and Bloomberg News discuss how this slowdown is different from others in its gendered impact, particularly along the dimensions of 1) job loss and 2) distribution of household and childrearing responsibilities. Together, they paint…

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Puerto Rico Leaps Ahead in Equal Pay Efforts

Puerto’s Rico’s equal pay efforts received a significant boost earlier this month, thanks to regulations set to take effect March 14, 2020. Puerto Rico’s Equal Pay Act, first enacted on March 8, 2017will now see new regulations to ensure employers are working to achieve gender equality. Under the new regulations, employers will be able to…

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