SEC Enforcement and ESG – What You Need to Know


When most people think of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement actions, their minds probably jump to sensational crimes seen on the news, like insider trading and Ponzi schemes. Indeed, these do make up a fair number of SEC enforcement actions. But the SEC conducts hundreds of different enforcement actions every year, collecting billions of…

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Revving up DEI in The Automotive Industry: What Leaders are Doing

Automotive Industry, DEI

The last several years have seen increasing efforts toward driving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) change in the workplace.  No matter the industry, organizations have made it a priority, and for good reason. Employers that weave DEI initiatives into their overall mission and goals experience a host of benefits, including increased productivity, employee retention, stronger…

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Mississippi Equal Pay Law To Take Effect This July

Mississippi equal pay

Last week Mississippi became the last state in the country to pass a law ensuring workers receive equal pay for equal work. On Wednesday, April 20, Governor Tate Reeves signed House Bill 770 into law. The new equal pay law will take effect on July 1. The Mississippi Equal Pay for Equal Work Act marks…

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EEO-1 Portal Opens for 2021 Reporting


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the opening of the portal for submitting EEO-1 Component 1 data last week. Organizations will have until May 17, 2022, to get their reports in. That’s just over four weeks from now. Employers keen on making the deadline should begin preparing their filings now. In an announcement on…

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Introducing The Pay Equity Communications Planner

Pay equity communications

Conducting a pay equity audit is one thing, communicating the findings, progress, and achievements associated with the audit is another. In fact, the steps you take following the initial pay equity audit and any subsequent remediation are arguably just as important as the audit itself. It’s a complicated area that many organizations are exploring for…

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OFCCP Proposes Rule to Modify Enforcement Process for Employee Discrimination


The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is taking steps to strengthen its pay equity enforcement strategy. On March 22, 2022, the OFCCP published a notice of proposed rulemaking aimed primarily at reversing regulations created under the Trump administration in 2020. The existing regulations require OFCCP to issue contractors a predetermination notice prior to…

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Federal Forces Unite to Further Drive Pay Equity

Pay equity

To commemorate Equal Pay Day earlier this month, President Biden issued an executive order aimed at promoting pay equity and transparency in the federal workforce. The order applies to federal contractors and would oversee the hiring and pay-setting processes for federal workers. A proposed rule is expected in the near term from the Office of…

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California’s New SB 1162 Promotes Total Pay Transparency

pay transparency

California is again at the forefront of national efforts to close the wage gap with the introduction of SB 1162. First introduced by California Senator Monique Limón in February 2022, the bill would become one of the most aggressive pay equity laws in the nation if passed. “Pay transparency is key to achieving pay equity,”…

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The Pay Gap is Not a Myth

Pay gap

By now, it would seem that most people recognize that gender and racial pay gaps exist, right? Wrong. Trusaic set out to learn how Americans view and understand what’s commonly known as the pay gap and commissioned a poll to mark both Equal Pay Day on March 15 and National Equal Pay Day on April…

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2022 Forecast: The Case for Pay Equity

Pay equity

Leaders in business and HR say pay equity is becoming integral to the success of companies in 2022 and beyond.  JD Supra reports, “Pay equity, transparency, employee well-being, and inclusion are the new frontiers for employer-employee relationships.” The data confirms this philosophy has taken root on a broad level as well: A recent survey shows…

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