DEI & Your Investments: Biden Takes Action on Day One

DEI & Your Investments

3 minute read On day one of the new Biden-Harris Administration, among a flurry of executive orders, President Biden ordered the review of a controversial Department of Labor rule heldover from the previous administration. The “Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments” rule (the ESG rule) repudiates a current investment trend known as ESG: environment, social,…

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Three Essential Pay Equity Practices, According to Iceland

Iceland Equal Pay

3 minute read In the U.S., comprehensive pay equity legislation is long overdue. This congressional inaction  means that U.S.-based companies must look overseas to gauge how foreign markets and governments are responding to the growing international movement for gender equality in the workplace. According to a new article in the Harvard Business Review, Iceland has…

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Looking Back at Senator Harris’s Equal Pay Plan

Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work

2 minute read Last week, Democrats secured two Senate seats in Georgia, giving them a narrow edge in the Senate and thrusting Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris even further into the national spotlight. With the critical ability to serve as tie-breaker in the evenly split chamber, Harris will immediately occupy a position of power to shape…

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UK Employers: Gender Pay Gap Reports are Coming

Gender Pay Gap Reports

3 minute read Imagine you are a business leader in the UK heading into 2021. You have a lot to consider as the new year dawns. There are new rules for businesses that are part of the Brexit transition. There is the continued reality of a global pandemic and its economic effects. And there is…

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Is Silicon Valley Evolving on Issues of Pay Equity?

Silicon Valley & Pay Equity

2 minute read  Is Silicon Valley evolving on issues of pay equity? The latest data point in this debate is provided by Pinterest, the innovative social media platform that allows users to “pin” images from around the web to customizable boards.   Pinterest recently settled a gender discrimination lawsuit with its former chief operating officer for…

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Doing Business in Maryland Requires Equal Pay for Equal Work

Maryland Equal Pay

3 minute read  2020 was a significant year for the great state of Maryland in its efforts to tackle pay inequities within its borders. In January 2020, the Maryland state legislature voted to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of “ban the box” legislation. As discussed by the law firm Morgan Lewis, Maryland’s ban the box…

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Doing Business in Washington Requires Pay Equity

Washington Requires Pay Equity

3 minute read  The great state of Washington boasts some of the world’s most influential businesses, from Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Costco to Zillow, T-Mobile, and Nordstrom. These firms are global in reach, and yet, along with all other employers (public and private) in the state, they are subject to the Equal Pay & Opportunities…

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Lessons from Canada’s Equal Pay Act

Canada’s Equal Pay Act

3 minute read  In a landmark effort to close the Candian gender wage gap, and to ensure that pay equity is both achieved and maintained, the Canadian parliament passed the Pay Equity Act in December of 2018. Although the Pay Equity Act has yet to take legal effect, it is expected to come into force…

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Doing Business in California Requires Pay Equity

California's Equal Pay Act

4 minute read  California is home to one of the United States’ most critical economic engines, from Silicon Valley to big agriculture to the Disney Parks. California would be the fifth-largest economy in the world, if it were its own country, according to Forbes. Yet many employers may not be aware that regulating this massive…

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