How to Comply With California SB 1162 [RESOURCE]

California SB 1162

Less than 30 days from now the pay transparency requirements of California’s SB 1162 law will be in effect. That means employers with operations in California will need to append pay range information to all job listings. Of course, sharing pay information for job listings is no easy undertaking. Organizations need to evaluate their compensation…

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Hangover Leave Tops Houseplant Bereavement in Job Perks Wish List

Job perks

The great resignation and war for talent have brought out the best in employers. From better pay to flexible hours, and resources for managing work/life balance. But, where do they draw the line? A new poll commissioned by Trusaic, and conducted by YouGov, ranks the kind of unusual new job benefits that employees would like…

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The Compounding Effect and Pay Equity – What You Need to Know

Compounding Effect

Have you heard of the compounding effect? It can have a devastating effect over the course of a person’s career. What is the compounding effect? The compounding effect explains how the trajectory of an individual’s earnings throughout their professional career. The amount you earn at the beginning of your career has a direct impact on…

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Big Mac and Pay Gap Collide in New Index

Big Mac Pay Gap Index

What if there was a way to understand how your gender and race/ethnicity affect your buying power? With the world’s first, Big Mac Pay Gap Index, you can do just that. The online tool provides a new way of understanding what the pay gap means for you. It does so by showing you how much…

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Introducing The Pay Equity Communications Planner

Pay equity communications

Conducting a pay equity audit is one thing, communicating the findings, progress, and achievements associated with the audit is another. In fact, the steps you take following the initial pay equity audit and any subsequent remediation are arguably just as important as the audit itself. It’s a complicated area that many organizations are exploring for…

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The Pay Gap is Not a Myth

Pay gap

By now, it would seem that most people recognize that gender and racial pay gaps exist, right? Wrong. Trusaic set out to learn how Americans view and understand what’s commonly known as the pay gap and commissioned a poll to mark both Equal Pay Day on March 15 and National Equal Pay Day on April…

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Remembering Rosa Parks This Black History Month

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and this year we’re starting the celebration by paying our respects to Rosa Parks. In light of Mrs. Parks’ birthday tomorrow, February 4, 2022, we will be reflecting on what she accomplished for African American civil rights. Her most well-known contribution dates back to 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. After a…

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Honoring the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

On the third Monday of January each year, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first observed on January 20, 1986, it wasn’t until 2000 that all 50 U.S. states acknowledged the event. The now federal holiday honors Dr. King’s birthday and the…

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Key Benefits to Partnering with an ADP-Integrated Vendor


Employers looking for solutions to enhance their workforce productivity and legal compliance responsibilities should consider partnering with a software vendor that integrates with ADP. And here’s why. Seamless data retrieval When working with sensitive issues like pay equity, or ACA compliance, data quality is critical for the outcomes. When you choose a solution like PayParity,…

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Men Asked to Pay More at First “Pay Gap Store”

Pay gap store

Today we’re pleased to launch the world’s first Pay Gap Store, a new, ground-breaking online store where the prices reflect – and offset – the pay gap in the wider world. The store’s male customers are among those invited to pay higher prices, since U.S. men still earn, on average, 18% more than U.S. women…

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