Georgia Results May Have Impact on Federal Pay Equity Law

Federal Pay Equity Law

2 minute read Federal pay equity legislation took another step toward becoming reality after the victories of two Democrats in the January 5 Senate runoff election in Georgia. Democrats will soon hold a slim edge in the Senate, and according to Bloomberg, this will open a new path for workplace-related bills, including those related to…

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2021 Pay Data Reporting & Enforcement of the CA Equal Pay Act

CA Equal Pay Act

4 minute read With new pay data reporting legislation underway––and the first annual reporting deadline in March 2021 fast approaching––it’s important to take a look at what SB 973 (California’s Pay Data Reporting) means for employers, not only in terms of reporting but enforcement.  According to the law, SB 973 authorizes the Department of Fair…

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Democracy, Data, and DEI: How the New President Will Transform the Pay Equity Landscape

Democracy, Data, and DEI

3 minute read  President-elect Biden made inclusion and equity a focal point of the Democratic big-tent strategy during the 2020 presidential election. Even as political striations appeared in national down-ballot races, President-Elect Biden’s decisive victory (and the passing of progressive policies and local ballot measures in various states across the US) are factors that provide…

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