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Trusaic Provides Worry-Free ACA Compliance
By Matt Gotchy | July 7, 2020

Trusaic’s ACA compliance offering is a great fit for large employers in high-turnover industries.
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Proposed Safe Harbor Rule to Address the Classification of Workers by the IRS

New Safe Harbor Rule May Clarify Worker Classifications

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | August 14, 2017

The gig economy has become an important part of our economy. This has increased ambiguity amongst how workers are classified versus the scope of their…

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Understanding Form I-9’s Importance

Form I-9 Is Changing

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | August 9, 2017

President Trump continues to emphasize his goal to strictly enforce employment regulations as they pertain to undocumented workers. An increasing number of raids have been…

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Does New York’s Employee Paid Family Leave Have Your Company In Disarray? Here Are 3 Tips To Handle It

3 Tips To Survive New York’s Employee Paid Family Leave

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | August 7, 2017

As of january 1, 2018, New York will have its new Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (PFLBL) go into effect. Employees working for New York…

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Struggling With E-Verify? Here Are Some Tips

Demystifying E-Verify

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | August 2, 2017

As an employer, chances are you may have heard of E-Verify, the electronic database to verify employment eligibility of workers. Employers are not currently required…

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Is DOL Overtime Rule Heading into a Ditch?

DOL Calls For Public Comments on Overtime Rule

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | July 31, 2017

The U.S. Department of Labor’s prior attempt to change overtime regulations for salaried employees is taking a turn under the Trump administration. The DOL’s proposed…

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Could The ‘Freelance Isn’t Free Act’ Become A Nationwide Law?

New York City’s ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ Act May Start A Trend

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | July 26, 2017

For those independent contractors and gig economy aficionados with New York City-based clients, the “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act was a godsend. In May, the Act…

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Can Your Unpaid Taxes Affect Your Business Travel?

By Robert Sheen | April 27, 2017

It’s time to think FAST. The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, that is. In March, the FACT Act came into effect, seeking to remedy the…

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Here Is Some New Light Shed On The PATH Act

By Robert Sheen | April 26, 2017

In 2015, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act was passed, otherwise known as the PATH Act. The PATH Act was seemingly self-explanatory, as it…

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In the Face Of Potential ICE Raids, Keep Your I-9’s Organized

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | March 21, 2017

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has recently been conducting “raids,” leading to the arrest of undocumented immigrants. States like Mississippi, West Virginia,…

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Another Increase In OSHA Penalties Has Occurred

By Joanna Kim-Brunetti | March 6, 2017

It only took about six months for OSHA penalties to see yet another increase. On August 1 of last year, a huge bump in OSHA…

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