Trusaic Provides Worry-Free ACA Compliance
By Matt Gotchy | July 7, 2020

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Here’s some of what makes Trusaic’s ACA CompleteSM an ideal solution to help businesses that employ large workforces, have high turnover, and/or have variable-hour employees ...


Monthly monitoring

On a monthly basis, Trusaic specialists oversee the entire process of consolidating and validating data. We use proprietary technology and industry expertise to eliminate the triggers that drive ACA IRS penalties, all of which optimizes accuracy, compliance, and preparation for an unexpected IRS audit.


Full-service IRS audit and exchange notice defense

Trusaic also provides assistance in the defense of IRS audits and exchange notices. Our penalty reduction service can either significantly reduce, or even eliminate, costly 226J penalty assessments.


Set-it-and-forget-it approach

The ACA Complete Connector app integrates seamlessly with ADP Workforce Now®, making it easy to set up and maintain ACA compliance. The Trusaic platform pulls worker data from ADP Workforce Now each month, with a Trusaic ACA specialist overseeing the process.


Ideal for many of today’s top industries

Trusaic’s ACA compliance offering is a great fit for:


  • Hourly-wage, high-turnover industries (restaurants, hospitality, construction, staffing, home health care, landscaping, and non-skilled service industries)
  • Government institutions (school districts, cities, and counties)


The stakes are high for these types of employers. They can be assessed ACA penalties by the IRS if they fail to offer minimum essential health coverage that meets affordability and minimum value requirements. In fact, employers with greater than 50 employees can be fined more than $3,000 per employee per year by the IRS.


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