Triangle of TrustSM

Triangle of TrustSM

The Triangle of TrustSM is the foundation of our efforts to serve our clients. This principle calls for the optimal alignment of three key elements, data, regulatory expertise and software, to ensure that our clients' critical compliance and business intelligence objectives are met.

Triangle of Trust - 07.23.2020

The 3 Key Trust Elements

Expertise in Data

Data, such as Payroll, Time and Attendance, Leave of Absence, Benefits Administration and general HR information that are structured and unstructured, are frequently scattered across various databases and platforms. The data from these disjointed silos need to be aggregated, consolidated and validated into an accurate data set to support regulatory compliance and provide business intelligence.

Expertise in Regulations & Analytics

Regulatory expertise is critical to ensure the proper analysis and application of the accurate data to the regulatory framework. Such expertise is needed to use the software effectively to meet regulatory compliance and business intelligence objectives.

Expertise in Software

Software development is a multidisciplinary effort in software programming, database management, data science, data analysis and regulatory expertise. These experts need to work together to properly develop and program software that will apply the clean data to effectively address regulatory compliance and business intelligence needs. This is critical to obtain correct outputs.

The challenge with using do-it-yourself software is that it won’t tell you if the underlying data contains discrepancies. It won’t tell you whether the inputs are proper or whether the outputs create compliance issues or flawed results. This can lead to poor business decisions with significant financial consequences.

At Trusaic, we apply the principle of the Triangle of TrustSM so that your data, regulatory compliance and business intelligence objectives are met. We get the job Done and Done right.

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