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What if we told you:

  • You can lower your cost of WOTC
  • Manage ACA compliance
  • AND increase your cash flow?

It's time to flip the script.


Maximize Work Opportunity Tax Credits for every employee you hire, giving you more capital to grow your restaurants. Most WOTC screenings are done online, resulting in a lower percentage of tax credits at a cost of 10%-20% in contingency fees. Embrace a better option with First Capitol Consulting.

You can increase the amount of tax credits your restaurants receive with our live call center on a flat fee that comes with a suite of services that enhance your restaurant’s business operations.


Centralize essential employment verification documents by using our online Humanefits platform to save time and increase profits.

Create job postings, track applicants, onboard new employees, use E-Verify, and track offers of benefits coverage to your workforce. Our platform can also work with popular recruiting platforms to drive your hiring needs.



We work as your dedicated and outsourced department, working with you, your broker, and payroll to achieve 100% compliance and reporting for the Affordable Care Act so you can reclaim your time, and achieve peace of mind. We will handle this process from day one throughout the year.

The entire process of monthly tracking and annual reporting is handled by a Workforce Analyst, dramatically reducing the administrative burden on restaurant staff. Additionally, workforce analysts can provide guidance on tailored filing strategies based on nuances specific to restaurant operations.


Take control of rising health care costs for your restaurants and your workforce. Our analysts identify employees who may be eligible for lower-cost health care plans to create a win-win outcome benefitting both the business and employees by reducing healthcare costs.

Employees who may be eligible for Earned Income Tax Credits and refunds from the IRS are also notified.


We monitor and reconcile your medical invoices against payroll and HR data each month to reduce health premium overpayments.

That’s money back into your business, expanding your profits and increasing your bottom line.


Monthly ACA reports on payroll, benefits and other HR-related data to provide restaurant owners confidence that annual IRS filings will comply with the strict and complex rules of the ACA. The necessary documentation is tracked and stored digitally for quick access in the event of an IRS inquiry.

Appropriate internal controls are developed to shield restaurants from ACA tax penalties arising from an exchange notice or IRS penalty notice.


One flat fee:


per month per restaurant*

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