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Joanna Kim-Brunetti                                                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/1/2016

First Capitol Consulting



Key Findings Employing the IRS AIR within 100%
Success Rate of ACA Electronic Submission Deadline.

Efficiency, swift feedback, and robust responsiveness were
witnessed using proprietary technology communicating with
the IRS AIR (Affordable Care Act Information Reporting) system.


Los Angeles, CA: Today, First Capitol Consulting, Inc., a financial tax consulting company specializing in tax credits, ACA compliance, and proprietary financial technology solutions, reports a 100% success rate in the electronic filing process of IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C for their national clients and partners, encompassing 15 of the top 20 national insurance brokerage firms, and 3 of the top 10 national accounting firms.

First Capitol Consulting developed a proprietary interface communicating with the IRS AIR system to submit required 1094-C and 1095-C forms meeting the Government mandated ACA electronic deadline of June 30th, 2016.

Of the company’s recent success, Nora Roque, Executive Director and Human Resources of the Inglewood Unified School District said, “First Capitol Consulting has shown a consummate understanding of the ACA and efficient communication with us and the IRS in successfully fulfilling the ACA reporting mandate. Their platform with the IRS AIR system allowed First Capitol’s analysts to quickly address errors or missing data fields from our internal records. They are truly the paragon of any ACA service company and we look forward to many years of work together.”

Derek Moore with Crystal & Co., a global leader in insurance and risk management solutions, added, “First Capitol Consulting has been instrumental in helping me better serve my clients to fulfill their ACA needs. They are incredibly responsive, supportive and strategic in helping us develop solutions and in answering complicated questions in complying with the ACA’s employer mandate.”
The majority of ACA compliance services in the marketplace require the painstaking and oftentimes unreliable usage of online platforms, which force the user to manually input mandatory and often voluminous data fields in an error-prone process to electronically file with the IRS.  In contrast, First Capitol’s differentiated approach to securely manage client data removes the administrative burden from the hands of the client. First Capitol Consulting’s AIR interface with the IRS empowers its compliance professionals to provide swift and responsive communication to its clients through every step of the electronic filing process.

First Capitol Consulting’s unrivaled client service and support of data migration, aggregation, and calculation, has minimized clients’ data inconsistencies that cause filings to be returned with the status of “Accepted with Errors”, and efficiently and expediently addressing such data error issues.


About First Capitol Consulting, Inc.: First Capitol Consulting, Inc., is one of the leaders and largest credits and incentives service providers, and specialist in ACA regulatory compliance, based in Los Angeles, CA working with 15 of the 20 leading insurance brokers in the country. Founded in 1999, First Capitol Consulting has empowered hundreds of businesses with tax savings while advancing the local and national businesses, encouraging the employment of the disadvantaged workforce within the federal poverty level, veterans, those with disabilities, among others. First Capitol Consulting’s technology platform, TaxAdvantagesm, was jointly developed in partnership with Intuit, to create synergies in data collection and tax reporting processes layered with E-sign technology. First Capitol has mastered utilization of its ACA, tax, payroll, HR, Government regulations expertise, data collection infrastructure and proprietary technologies to support clients in implementing at an optimal ACA action plan.