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First Capitol Consulting Opens Free Online ACA Resource Center


Get information about the Affordable Care Act and

Filing 2017 Information with the IRS


LOS ANGELES, CA — January 16, 2018 — First Capitol Consulting has opened an online ACA Resource Center for organizations interested in learning more about best practices for annual information filings with the IRS required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and responding to IRS Letter 226J tax penalty notices.


The ACA Resource Center can be accessed free of charge at


The center features materials developed by the ACA experts at First Capitol, including:


  • The Essential ACA Guide for Employers, 2018 Edition: An overview of the ACA employer mandate and how to comply with it.


  • ACA 101 Toolkit: Deadlines and information on how to prepare Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIRS) for 2017 submitted to the IRS.


  • ACA Interactive Compliance Tool: Organizations can receive insights and answers to help their ACA compliance practices.


  • ACA Ask and Answer: Interactive question-and-answer resource through which business owners and professionals can ask questions about the ACA and receive responses from First Capitol ACA experts.


  • IRS Letter 226J: Includes an infographic and other information on how to respond to IRS Letter 226J tax penalty notices and to learn more about First Capitol’s ACA Penalty Reduction Service.


“We hope the information we provide through the ACA Resource Center will assist organizations in improving the processes they use to develop their IRS filings for 2017 to avoid incurring tax penalties, as well as answer any questions they have about the current state of the ACA,” said Robert Sheen, President and CEO of First Capitol.


First Capitol is accepting new clients for preparation of 2017 tax year filings with the IRS. Clients will be guaranteed that their IRS filings will be submitted by 2018 deadlines if they sign up by January 26. First Capitol will accept clients after that date, but will be unable to guarantee that they will be able to submit complete IRS filings by 2018 deadlines. Find more information at



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