Stay ahead
of reporting requirements

Stay ahead
of reporting requirements

What is pay data reporting?

To demonstrate commitment towards equal pay, some states are mandating organizations to report on employee pay data, much like the EEO-1 Component 2 reporting required by the EEOC in 2019. Although Component 2 reporting had been suspended, it is expected to return under the Biden administration, and in the meantime some states are making it mandatory now to fill the gaps.

Know what you file before you file

When it comes to equal pay, the more you know, the more you can do to create authentic change. Even if your state does not require pay data reporting today, there is a general trend towards increased reporting requirements. Stay ahead of pay data reporting requirements at the federal, state, and city-level with analytics that give you greater visibility into your employee pay data.

Our proactive equal pay risk assessment can identify evidence of pay discrimination, segregation, differences in overtime participation, and discrepancies in job category representations to make you aware of potential issues before you file.

Equal Pay Risk Assessment

Gain insight into any potential pay equity issues before filing your pay data reporting with a comprehensive analysis by year, protected class, location, and job category

Adjusted and unadjusted pay gap monitoring

Pay gap significance test

Wage distribution analysis

Highest gender/race/ethnicity wage combinations

Overall financial exposure

Expert results interpretation

Expert guidance for including remarks in your submission

Expert remediation strategy recommendations

We will help you analyze, prepare, and file your pay data:

United States

Supports California SB 1162 pay data reporting
Annual deadline on or before the second Wednesday of May 2023, and for each year thereafter

  • Comprehensive pay gap analysis
  • Pay gap significance test
  • Wage distribution analysis
  • Equal pay risk assessment
  • Pay data report preparation
  • Equal pay certification


Supports Equality Act of 2010

  • Develop Gender Pay Gap Report
  • Comprehensive pay gap analysis
  • Pay gap significance test
  • Wage distribution analysis
  • Equal pay risk assessment

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