Data is in our DNA.

For over two decades, Trusaic has been recognized as a leading innovator in harnessing, analyzing, and implementing data solutions to help companies thrive.

Groundbreakers. Trailblazers. Changemakers. At Trusaic, we’ve been pioneers in our field since day one, constantly embracing opportunities others don’t or won’t. Every day, we reject the status quo in favor of innovative ways of thinking and doing, always looking to advance our offering to create better workplaces.


Our team is comprised of highly experienced data analysts, regulatory experts, engineers, accountants, and tax specialists who understand complex regulations, as well as dedicated consultants who partner with and educate clients every step of the way. 


At every phase of our journey––from our work as First Capitol Consulting to our groundbreaking partnership with Intuit, building a software platform to serve their 1.4 million customers, to our pioneering response to the Affordable Care Act and our cutting-edge innovations in pay equity and workforce analytics––we’ve focused on bringing human expertise to data and technology. 


Our company name represents a combination of the words trust and mosaic.


“Business in the 21st century runs on data. Just like a mosaic, data comes in all shapes and forms, structured and unstructured…With complex government regulations, regulatory compliance and business intelligence necessitates accurate data you can trust.”

–Robert Sheen, CEO 


Every day, we partner with our clients to create better workplaces, better companies, and better analytics. We combine state-of-the-art technology with human expertise, and are committed to helping businesses thrive through smart, innovative, and accurate data solutions. Our track record of trust is evidenced by the fact that we’ve never lost an audit, and by our world-class Net Promoter Score of 75.


Our story is built on a history of expertise and innovation, present success, and a bright future.


Let us help shape yours.


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