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Our Name

TRUSAIC is a combination of the words TRUST and MOSAIC. Like a MOSAIC, data come in all shapes and forms, structured and unstructured. With complex government regulations, regulatory compliance and business intelligence necessitates accurate data you can TRUST.


Conquer Complexity

At Trusaic, we help you conquer complex data and complicated regulations through our unique blend of software and services. We expertly extract structured and unstructured workforce data from anywhere, working with any payroll platform, HR system, or other workforce database. From these disjointed systems, we deliver clean data and clear analysis. In the face of convoluted regulatory requirements, our team strips away confusing legalese to get you easily understood answers. Educators and translators, we streamline and simplify, keeping you informed and in-the-know. We pair tax accountants with data scientists, attorneys with engineers. Together, the combined multidisciplinary expertise of our professionals enables us to reduce your risk, increase your efficiency, and boost your bottom line.


We're Here for You

In your world, regulatory risks are real and their consequences carry weight. Every day, this pressure falls on your shoulders—but you shouldn’t have to go it alone. We go beyond self-service technology, offering personalized world-class service that ensures you never have to go it alone. We always put real humans behind the data—and a real partner by your side. As your partner, we never let you distress about the data, panic over the paperwork, or agonize through an audit. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say by clicking here.


Done and Done right

When the stakes are high, it’s not enough to get it done. It has to get done right.

That’s why the largest health insurance brokers, accounting firms and law firms in the U.S. trust us with their clients.

Our success is based on the Triangle of TrustSM, our founding principle that we apply across all of our products and services. The Triangle of Trust calls for the optimal alignment of three key elements, data, regulatory expertise and software, to ensure that our client’s critical compliance and business intelligence objectives are met

The Triangle of Trust is how we get the work for our clients done and done right. It allows us to provide our clients with the information and confidence they need to build better workforces, and better businesses.


Here is some of what we do for our clients:


Data Quality Management 

    • Workforce Analytics Machine (WAM)
    • Data Quality Management and GIGO Score

Regulatory Compliance

    • ACA Compliance
    • ACA Penalty Reduction Services
    • Pay Equity Auditing and Analytics
    • EEO-1 Solutions
    • ACA Penalty Risk Assessment
    • Tax Credits

Business Intelligence

    • Health Care Optimization
    • Benefits Invoice Reconciliation
    • Workforce Analytics

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