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The ACA Times

Regular news updates pertaining to the Affordable Care Act.

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Get to Know the ACA - Trusaic

Get to Know The ACA

Things you need to know about ACA compliance and the Employer Mandate.

Letter 226J - Trusaic

Get to Know Letter 226J

What you need to know about the IRS Letter 226J penalty notice and process for the ACA.

ACA FAQ - Trusaic

Affordable Care Act FAQ

Why should you care about the ACA? Your ACA compliance questions are answered.

PayParity Pay Equity Blog - Trusaic

Get to Know Pay Equity

Things you need to know about pay equity and the new laws taking shape across the U.S.

PayParity Pay Equity FAQ - Trusaic

Pay Equity FAQ

Why should employers care about pay equity? Get your answers in our Pay Equity FAQ.