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Partnering with Trusaic enhances our ability to work as a high-level benefit consultant


When it comes to ACA compliance, Trusaic goes above and beyond what payroll companies can offer. We provide a monthly compliance process that can ensures the 1094-C/1095-C filing at the end of the year is 100% accurate and never generates an IRS penalty.


That’s the core reason Navigation Benefits recommends Trusaic’s services to its home healthcare clients. As Will McGeehan, Managing Partner, puts it, “Trusaic can do a retroactive audit of a client’s prior-year filings to help the client see if they have any penalty exposure with regard to the ACA. Trusaic can identify whether or not a 226J or any similar IRS letter might be coming their way. If so, they’re able to go back and fix whatever mess the client created with their payroll provider, or whoever else they were working with to do the 1094-C/1095-C processing.”


McGeehan is referring to Trusaic’s FREE Penalty Risk Assessment, or PRA, which brokers can use to help sell more policies to prospects (and even to current clients). He says, “You do this for free, which is a nice way for us to introduce Trusaic to our clients. The client doesn’t have to provide any compensation, so, why wouldn’t they want Trusaic to do this?”


It makes good business sense for Navigation Benefits to help their clients “get ahead” of potential penalties using the PRA. McGeehan says, “we’re always concerned for our home healthcare clients. That’s because, in the end, if they have problems with these filings, whether we were involved or not, we are the medical plan broker, and they are going to turn to us for help cleaning up the mess.”


Trusaic offers brokers, as McGeehan says, “so many other reasons to work with them.” For example, “you’re pulling data right from the client’s payroll – you’re doing all the work for our client.” He adds, “you’re not sending them a spreadsheet to fill out at year-end, which is going to be a disaster.” Quite simply, if there are any problems with the IRS, Trusaic guides the client through that process, and helps them manage whatever’s required, such as sending a response or re-filing their return.


According to McGeehan, Trusaic provides Navigation Benefits with a competitive advantage: “We like that other brokers aren’t providing a meaningful solution, and that we know how to do it by partnering with Trusaic.” In his experience, many brokers “turn their back” to the whole process of ACA compliance, pushing the client to a payroll solution.


In contrast, Navigation Benefits is proactive about recommending Trusaic. “We made up our minds a long time ago that we’re not tax experts. Dealing with ACA issues eats up resources and can put us in the middle of liability issues.”


For example, maintaining ACA compliance helps eliminate hidden liability that can cause issues when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. “Home healthcare companies, whether they are privately owned or owned by private equity, can better position their company to be sold,” McGeehan says, “Somebody will do due diligence on ACA eventually, so we work with the client’s ownership to get Trusaic on board – if they take care of it now, it won’t be a big sticking point during a future sale.”


McGeehan adds, “Partnering with Trusaic enhances our ability to work as a high-level benefit consultant. Not only are we looking at basic liabilities around their benefit program, we are also able to dive deep into potentially significant penalty exposure related to the tax filings and compliance.  We can only do this in partnership with Trusaic.”


With all the benefits Trusaic is able to provide, it’s no wonder that Will McGeehan says, “There’s no other ACA solution we put in front of our clients other than Trusaic.” He notes that some clients choose to work with their payroll companies or other entities, “but when we’re involved in that decision-making, Trusaic is our one and only recommendation.”