How to Respond to IRS Letter 226J for the 2017 Tax Year


Download My IRS Letter 226J Infographic
for the 2017 Tax Year

This infographic outlines the process of responding to Letter 226J from the IRS for the 2017 tax year.

Use this as a guide as you set up your internal process for developing a response.

The infographic describes the procedure undertaken by the IRS to determine whether:

  • An organization has not complied with the ACA
  • How penalties are calculated
  • How you can mount a defense to eliminate or reduce your proposed ACA penalties
  • Types of 227 letters the IRS can send to an ESRP Response

For any questions or a consultation on addressing IRS Letter 226J, reach out directly to Gregg Kasubuchi of Trusaic at (213) 355-5108 or at

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