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IRS Enforcement is Intensifying –
What You Need to Know to
Avoid ACA Penalties

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The IRS is enforcing compliance with the Affordable Care Act. The agency currently is issuing tax penalty notices to organizations that were not in compliance with the ACA for the 2017 tax year.

Many employers are unaware that they have made information errors that can trigger receiving an ACA penalty notice and that the IRS is reducing the amount of time for employers to respond to these penalty notices.

In this session, knowledgeable ACA professionals explain why the IRS is issuing penalties, and what to do if you receive an ACA penalty notice from the IRS.

We invite you to access a video recording of this webinar and a copy of the presentation to learn what steps to take to avoid ACA penalties.


Joanna Kim-Brunetti, VP, Regulatory Affairs, Trusaic

What You Will Learn:

  • The individual penalty notices issued by the IRS and what information is in them
  • How to rally the resources necessary to respond to an IRS penalty notice within 30 days
  • Best practices for identifying and avoiding common errors that trigger IRS penalties

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