Clean data owns the future®

Clean data owns the future®

Data you can count on, analytics you can trust

Today’s CEO’s are tasked with the monumental challenge of leading a workforce during a time of massive social upheaval. Between prioritizing the health and safety of their employees, creating a diverse and equitable workplace, and mitigating risk against ever-changing compliance regulations, it's clear that the packaged HR solutions are no longer enough.

Modern business leaders need comprehensive solutions in the form of human experts and accurate, intelligent analytics to support their most complex challenges. More software won’t do the trick, but more accurate data inside that software will serve as a starting point to a revolution in how CEO’s make strategic decisions.

Our story is built on a history of expertise and innovation, present success, and a bright future

Learning from the past,
anticipating the future

For over two decades, Trusaic has been recognized as a leading innovator in harnessing, analyzing, and implementing data solutions to help organizations thrive. At every phase of our journey–from our work as First Capitol Consulting to building a groundbreaking software platform, to our pioneering response to the Affordable Care Act and our cutting-edge innovations in pay equity and workforce analytics––we’ve focused on bringing human expertise to data and technology.

A track record of success

Our track record speaks for itself: our clients have never lost an audit based on our analytics, and our world-class Net Promoter Score of 75 sets us apart in a software industry fraught with dissatisfaction.


Trusaic’s proprietary, Workforce Analytics Machine® (WAM) technology incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure perfect compliance.  Harnessing innovative, patented data storage mechanisms, Trusaic’s Workforce Analytics Machine creates maximum flexibility and data processing efficiency.

Based on over 20 years of operating experience, regulatory compliance, and repeat detection of both common and uncommon compliance errors embedded within workforce data, Workforce Analytics Machine is the only technology of its kind in the human capital management space and the only technology that has the ability to minimize audits and eliminate risk. Other solutions can “manage” compliance, but without clean, consolidated data, they can never eliminate risk in the way that we do.

Client success

And we won’t stop there

Groundbreakers. Trailblazers. Changemakers. At Trusaic, we’ve been pioneers in our field since day one, constantly embracing opportunities others don’t or won’t. Every day, we reject the status quo in favor of innovative ways of thinking and doing, always looking to advance our offering to create better workplaces. We don’t just react to changes in regulations, we anticipate them. And because our platform is flexible and adaptable to any type of data, we’re ready to address new legislation not if it happens, but when it happens.

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Every day, we partner with our clients to create better workplaces, better companies, and better analytics.

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