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Trusaic's Humanefits Software

Basic features that employers need to hire great people and keep their operations on track at a price that won’t derail the bottom line

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Humanefits is a workforce management platform that provides organizations with essential services for applicant tracking, employee onboarding, document retention, regulatory compliance, and employee tax credits at an attractive price compared to other, more complicated HR information systems. Say goodbye to all those paper files stacked up in your office. Humanefits provides a centralized cloud location for storing all of your important employee-related documents.


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Tax Savings

Using Humanefits provides you with the tools to generate more Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC). Its automated features will increase the percentage of Work Opportunity Tax Credits certified by State Workforce Agencies for your operations. Organizations can earn up to $9,600 for each new hire qualified through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. Humanefits collects the necessary documents needed for WOTC certification, transmits them to appropriate State Workforce Agencies, and incorporates WOTC screening into your onboarding process. Humanefits also integrates the use of a live Call Center to further increase your WOTC certification rate.


Recruitment and Job Posting

Hire great people, add job listings and recruit new candidates from your own company job board customized to meet your organization’s hiring needs. Readily access documents submitted with job applications and organize your process for hiring. Humanefits provides employers two options for posting job openings: using Zip Recruiter or Humanefits’ own job posting system.


Log in From Anywhere

Manage a multitude of companies and locations with one system. Whether you have one restaurant or 50, you can easily administer with a Humanefits’ Master Login for you and your management team.


Applicant Tracking System

Check in, monitor, and track the status of all your job applicants. Add notes and attach documents, such as resumes, cover letters, employment verification forms, so they can be viewed at a moment’s notice.


Regulatory Compliance

Humanefits has the ability to capture I-9 documentation as it is integrated into the onboarding process. New hires will be required to complete their I-9 forms in order to complete the onboarding process. The platform can also capture the necessary data for EEO-1 reporting. Fields for self-reported gender, ethnicity, and race can be included for input by new and existing employees.


Document Retention

Manage employee records, securely store sensitive employee data, and save employment authorization forms, all in a centralized cloud location. Save costly administrative hours by removing the hassle of having to find scattered paper documents. With Humanefits’ central storage capabilities, documents can readily be retrieved at any location with an internet connection.


Employment Tax Credits

The federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit can help improve your bottom line as a business while simultaneously playing an important role in improving life in the communities in which you operate your business. Using Humanefits makes the WOTC process easy to navigate. As job applicants provide the required information online, Humanefits uses a proprietary algorithm to consolidate the necessary workforce data needed for the WOTC application. When candidates are directed through Humanefits to apply for a job, they are pre-screened online for WOTC certification before being instructed to contact the Call Center. Because of its intuitive process, central data storage, and easily accessible functionality, Humanefits will reduce those piles of paper applications in your office and make it so much easier to recall and retain the information needed for WOTC applications.

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