Event Date : Thu December 15, 2022

Join us for our virtual webcast with WorldatWork on 12/15 as our CLO Joanna-Kim Brunetti presents on Preparing for California's New Pay Data Reporting Law SB 1162.

California recently signed SB 1162 into law, amending the predecessor pay data reporting law SB 973 and creating a host of new requirements for employers, California-based and beyond. Failing to meet these new demands could be costly, as the new law imposes explicit penalties for non-compliance. Of course, in the age of pay transparency, the Great Resignation, and an increasingly competitive labor market, non-compliance is the least of employers’ worries.

As California continues to lead the charge in the fight for pay equity, we invite you to join us for a one-hour session with Trusaic’s Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Joanna Kim-Brunetti as she covers the pertinent requirements of California’s SB 1162.

During the webinar, Joanna will discuss how SB 1162 bolsters California’s already existing pay data reporting law, creates new pay transparency requirements, and expands pay data reporting to include mean and median pay information. Furthermore, Joanna will dive into who the law affects, the implications of non-compliance, and best practices for meeting the requirements ahead of the law’s effective date in January 2023.

Attendees will learn:

  • The specific requirements of SB 1162.
  • Best practices for minimizing risk and maximizing compliance.
  • How employers can prepare for the law’s start next year?