Event Date : Thu January 26, 2023

Join us for our webinar on 1/26 as our CLO Joanna Kim-Brunetti presents on Navigating Workforce Compensation in the Era of Pay Transparency.

The era of pay transparency is upon us. In 2022, many U.S. states passed new pay equity legislation requiring employers to demonstrate transparent pay practices. With salary range disclosures and pay data reporting, increasing pay equity requirements are only just beginning.

As these laws ramp up, ensuring compliance with pay transparency regulations continues to be a complex and time-consuming task for employers. Already, pay transparency leaders and laggards are emerging in the workplace. One of the key differences between the two? The use of software. 

In this webinar, Trusaic’s Chief Legal Officer, Joanna Kim-Brunetti and Vice President of Product, Anuj Mongia, will discuss the increasing pay transparency requirements facing employers in the U.S. Joanna will provide an overview of the legal framework surrounding pay transparency laws, while Anuj will demonstrate how software can help organizations comply with these regulations. Together they will address the role of software in helping organizations determine fair salary ranges for job postings, and report mean and median pay data to agencies, while minimizing risk of enforcement.