Event Date : Tue January 31, 2023

Join us for our virtual webcast as our Counsel Maxfield Marquardt presents on How HR Can Outsource ACA Compliance to Save Time and Reduce Penalty Risk.

With the new year upon us, organizations must turn their attention to the annual ACA reporting requirements. As we head into the 8th filing season, complying with the healthcare law’s Employer Mandate looks nothing like it did when reporting was first required in 2015. And with the IRS evaluating employers filing with greater scrutiny, the stakes are high for getting compliance right.

Fortunately, there are methods for alleviating the burden of determining employee offer eligibility, ACA affordability, the Rule of Parity, and the various other ACA compliance challenges. No matter the organizational size and makeup, employers can outsource their duties, reducing the administrative burden on staff while also ensuring compliance with the IRS. 

Join Trusaic’s Maxfield Marquardt for an in-depth discussion on how to outsource ACA compliance responsibilities. During the webinar, Maxfield will identify the steps required for transitioning ACA compliance outward, what to look out for when evaluating options, and discuss the business case for outsourcing ACA compliance. In addition, Maxfield will delve into the evolving nuances associated with ACA compliance, which further demonstrate why organizations should consider offloading the increasingly complex responsibilities of ACA compliance.