Event Date : Tue March 14, 2023

Join us at WorldatWork's Equal Pay Day Event on March 14th, where Trusaic's Joanna Kim joins an esteemed panel to discuss pay equity in the workplace.

You’re invited to our 90-minute live digital event, Pay Equity 2023: Charting a Course to Success, on Tuesday, March 14 at 1pm – 2:30pm ET.

When it comes to the economy, workers and pay laws, last year was especially challenging for Total Rewards professionals. So, what will you face in 2023 and how will you adapt?

Join us on Pay Equity Day, March 14, as David Buckmaster leads the discussion to discover what top pay equity companies are doing to ensure they make the right decisions for their business and build sustainable impact.

WorldatWork has gathered an esteemed panel from five of the leading pay equity technology service providers: Trusaic, Gapsquare, PayAnalytics, Payscale and Syndio.

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