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At Trusaic, we believe that regulations don’t have to be a compliance challenge; they can be an opportunity. An opportunity to demonstrate transparency and integrity to your employees, clients, and investors. An opportunity to cultivate a more positive, inclusive environment. And an opportunity to create a stronger enterprise, with reduced risk, increased efficiency, and an improved bottom line. Our ultimate goal? To help build better workplaces, so you can build a better business.


Here’s how we get EEO-1 reporting Done and Done Right:


Data Expertise
We perform advanced data wrangling and prepping to compile, clean, and curate workforce data from various sources and across multiple platforms.


Analytic Expertise
We evaluate the data using our proprietary Workforce Analytic MachineSM, identifying errors and missing data, along with opportunities for reconciliation.


Regulatory Expertise
We ensure complete, accurate, and on-time EEO-1 reporting. We also provide a Pay Gap Risk Assessment, helping your company lay the foundation for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


What is EEO-1 Reporting?
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires submission of the EEO-1 Report as part of its efforts to enforce equal opportunity laws. For 2019, the EEOC added a pay data reporting obligation known as “Component 2,” which was designed to facilitate enforcement specifically in the area of pay discrimination.


When it comes to EEO-1 reporting, we go beyond helping you avoid fines or fees, penalties or punishments. We help improve your workplace. Advance your business. And transform compliance into advantage. Because, for us, “enough” is never good enough.


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