About Trusaic

Trusaic is a software company that refines disparate data from all sources, structured and unstructured. We combine expertise in data, expertise in regulations and analytics, and expertise in software to deliver regulatory compliance and actionable intelligence.

Since 2014, Trusaic has grown 700% in revenue with a World-Class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75. We've earned this world-class status through being customer-obsessed and meticulous by nature. We're all in with you, and there with solutions you can trust when it matters most. 

Overview of role: The Business Strategic Lead, Office of the CEO will support our CEO as their “right-hand person” while bringing his agenda from ideation to implementation. The ideal candidate requires a high-degree of professionalism and unparalleled interpersonal skills. The Business Strategic Lead, Office of the CEO will be involved in high-level discussions about business strategy, operational efficiency, and best practices around day-to-day operations as well as external communications, and assist in managing external stakeholders. This is a unique opportunity for the right person to learn from and partner with a high-level Executive.

  • Initiate, orchestrate and execute projects
    • Initiate and execute strategies
    • Execute interdepartmental and interdependent projects
    • Orchestrate Business as Usual (BAU)
    • Execute non-BAU
    • Data analytics and research
    • External management of
      • PR
      • Investors
    • E’ee Wellness

Who we are: Trusaic is a leading HR and compliance technology company that focuses on advancing social good in the workplace by solving the HR’s most complex challenges across people, data, and analytics. Our mission is to create a better working world. We do this by helping organizations:

  • Achieve pay equity
  • Foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Assist economically disadvantaged individuals with finding work
  • Ensure employee access to affordable healthcare

We were recently named in the HR Tech Radar 2021 list of “250 HR technology companies that you should follow” and believe that this is the beginning of a long, upward trajectory for our company.




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