More States and Cities Banning Salary History Inquiries [UPDATE]

More States and Cities Banning Salary History Inquiries

It’s an unfortunate truth that pay disparities continue to exist in the U.S. workforce. The good news is that we are moving towards a future that is correcting that issue. Over the last two years, in an effort to alleviate the pay disparity between men and women across the U.S., some state,county and local governments…

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Salary History Inquiry Ban Trending in the U.S.

The Salary History Inquiry Ban Is Gaining Momentum. Will It Go Nationwide?

When it comes to the application process, for many prospective employees it all comes down to pay. For years, the common practice for employers was to gauge their future employee’s salary based on their previous salary history in other jobs. However, as changes in the scope of work and length of time on the job…

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Salary History Ban Comes To San Francisco

Want to Check On Salary History? Not In San Fran

The trend in pay equity laws has continued to advance across the nation—from equal pay to anti-discrimination. Philadelphia, New York City, Massachusetts, Delaware, Oregon and Puerto Rico have already created their own laws surrounding equal pay and salary history over the last year. Now San Francisco becomes the latest city government to promote the issue…

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