The State of The Pay Gap in 2022

pay equity

It’s true that 2022 has been a banner year for change in the workplace. With so many states enacting new laws requiring organizations to prove they harbor fair pay practices, it’s clear that we’re on the path to finally closing the pay gap.  Despite the utmost progress though, the World Economic Forum still predicts that…

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New Surveys Show That Racial Inequality Still Persists in the Workplace

Racial Inequality in the Workplace

Are practices promoting racial equality in the workplace really the best practices? Not many employees of color would agree. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted two surveys, wherein black workers and white workers in the United States were polled on their experiences in the office as they pertain to race. These experiences included…

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Where Are All of the Black Directors on Company Boards?

The measures taken to promote diversity in the workplace have been commendable. Hiring practices have changed, and salary history bans have leveled the playing field for many, especially when attempting to close the race pay gap. In addition, the added efforts in making diversity and inclusion a priority have allowed companies to thrive, get more…

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