Banning Salary History: One Step Toward Establishing Pay Equity

Anyone who has ever completed a job application remembers the dreaded portion requesting salary history. It was a trap, really, as potential employers were able to contact the former jobs of their applicants and request that history themselves. So even if you desired more money, it was nearly impossible to request that without contractual pushback.…

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Federal Court Rules Philly’s Salary History Ban Is Constitutional

In 2017, the City of Philadelphia sought to join numerous states and localities in addressing pay disparities tied to gender and race/ethnicity. The City enacted the Wage Equity Ordinance, which contains a salary history ban with two prongs. First, employers in Philadelphia could no longer request salary information from applicants (the “Inquiry Prong”). Second, employers…

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Lawsuit Charges Nike with Systematic Pay Inequality

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Pay discrimination, sexual harassment, and biased performance evaluations have called into question the corporate cultures of some of the world’s biggest organizations. Nike has surfaced as yet another company under fire, accused of not providing its employees with equal pay. On August 9, Kelly Cahill and Sara Johnston, two former Nike employees, filed a lawsuit…

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