Equal Pay for Team USA Act of 2021 Gains Traction

Equal Pay for Team USA

Gender-based pay inequities have long pervaded American sports, but a growing number of lawmakers and athletes are advocating for a solution: “equal pay for equal play.” This principle is embodied in the “Equal Pay for Team USA Act of 2021,” a bipartisan piece of legislation reintroduced to the Senate on Jul. 13, 2021. Originally brought…

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DEI Measurement, Analysis, & Implementation During COVID-19

7 minute read: COVID-19’s Assault on Equality It is well-known that the global COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities by race/ethnicity, gender, education level, and income. Here in Los Angeles, the mortality rate for the least affluent communities is four times larger than that in the most affluent communities. Black and Hispanic/Latinx death rates are more…

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